About us

My school is my treasure

Our moto: Those who get lost on the way to school will never find their way through life. (German proverb)

Annotation: “My school is my treasure” is a project based on the history of Oshmyany Secondary school #1. This project is created by English teachers in order to involve all school children in study of the history of the school where they study.

This extracurricular activity is based on the problem that children have a lack of knowledge about the history of their school. This topic is very important for them, because knowing theit school history is not less important than knowing the history of their own country. The project involves children of all ages that study in Oshmyany Secondary school #1 in the process of srudying their school history. Working in groups they will not only learn new facts about their school, but also can develop communicative skills, logical thinking, learn to use Web 2.0 technologies, build cross-subject links, practice to speak English etc.

Problem: Nowadays children do not know about their own school. When someone asks pupils about the most famouse people that were studying in the school, only few can named.

Aim:  to create online page devoted to the history of Oshmyany Seconady school


  • - to increase pupils’ knowledge of the history of Oshmyany Secondary school #1,
  • - to create special conditions of pupils’ network interaction,
  • - to increase pupils’ level of English,
  • - to activate their cognitive activity,
  • - to develop educational and research skills,
  • - to build cross-subject links.

Cross-subject links: Englis, History, IT

Age: 5-11th form

Period: September 11, 2017 – October 20, 2017

Main question: how to create online page devoted to the history of Oshmyany Secondary school #1?


What is your favourite place in your school?

What are the most important dates in the history of your school?

What famouse people graduated from your school?

What can you tell your foreign friend about your school?

Coordinaters: Elizaveta V. Martusevich – teacher of English